All our recommandations before doing a canoe trip (respect, provide, security)

  1. Advices

Here some advices to get you ready for your trip:
Material to bring, ideal outfit, informations, rules and regulation to know before you practice canoe.

  1. Respect

Prohibition of fire and wild camping
Others canoes

  1. Provide

Closed shoes (old runners, water shoes…)

Rain coat

Cap or hat

Change of clothes

Safety glasses strap

No jewels

Picnic, water (no alcohol !)

Lemongrass (mosquitos)

MASK in the shuttle 


To be more than 6 years old.

It’s a requirement for everyone to know how to swim (even children)) according to the judgement of may 4th 1995.
Shoes and life jacket must be worn.
Do not dive.
Do not drink alcohol.
You can load and read the judgment of may 4th 1995 relative to canoe practice by clicking on the link below.

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